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20 Apps Rv’ers Love

01.06.2013 · Posted in Apps, Free Stuff, Full Time RVing, Product Review

Did you get a new tablet or smart phone for Christmas? Many of your neighbors did too. I think Rvers especially will find tablets and smart phones incredibly handy as we travel. From basic Google Maps, Google Earth and Navigation that most devices are shipped with, there are hundreds more that will both help us and keep us out of trouble as we wander across North America. Here, in alphabetical order, are a list of our current favorites:

AllStays Camp & RV

All Stays Camp & RV

When we are traveling this is the go-to app for sure, whether we are looking for an RV park, a dump station, a rest area or even a rest area with Wifi, you’ll love how this app can help. Or maybe you need fuel, so you are looking for a specific truck stop or an RV dealer. If that’s not enough it will direct you to the closest Walmart (ask or don’t ask), Costco or Cracker Barrel. It will also warn you of that upcoming low bridge.

Compass & Level: Handy: you never know when you will need a compass or a level

FX Currency: Quick conversions from one currency to another.
 Flashlight:  Especially handy on my smart phone because I always carry my phone.
 Evernote  Evernote: Keep track of anything you want to like grocery lists, to-do lists or? Will sync between all devices.

Gas Buddy: Want to know what the price of fuel is around the next corner? How about across the continent?

 History Here: What historic events happened here you ask?

 IRV2 Forum:  Run your RV problem past the experts. They’ll advise you on the fix.

 Key Ring: Keep all your different loyalty cards in your phone. Always keep your phone with you

Local:  Looking for a good barbeque restaurant near you? Or how about a garage or hardware store?
Mobile Radio Live:  Catch your favorite radio program or station no matter where you travel
My Pilot: We usually search out a Flying J/Pilot when we need fuel for the coach. This app provides directions, fuel prices and services at each stop.

Passport America:  Find the nearest half-price RV park quickly.
 Skype:  Got WiFi? Want to talk to the grandkids? Don’t want to pay for the call?
 Songsa: Whatever kind of music you want, whenever you want it.

Translate:  Quick trip to Mexico or a visit to Quebec, Canada. This one will translate for you.
  TV Food Maps:  We love this one and talked about it here. All the reviews from all your favorite tv food shows like Drive In, Diners and Dives, Food Paradise, Rachel Ray and many more.
Voxer:  Turns your phone into a 2 way radio. That’s a big 10-4 Good buddy.
Weather: What’s happening weather-wise down the road?
Your Bank:  We deal with TD Bank and they have a great app that helps us mange our accounts no matter where we are. Yours will have one too.
And a Bonus!  You’ve been so good, you’ve read all this way, you deserve a gift. On Marilyn’s tablet the app is called Swype. On my smart phone its called TouchPal Keyboard. Either one helps you write (instead of printing) using the keyboard already on your device. Check it out, for sure they are faster then the hunt and peck method. Only problem is, as of this writing, they are only available for Android.

And Finally:  I’m so generous! I love this app. Imagine you are out with your sweety, on a clear night. You are both romantically gazing at the stars. She turns to you and in her sweetest voice says “Honey, whats that star?” With the app Google Sky you can whip out your smart-phone, go to the app and tell her.

So there’s a list of more than 20 apps that we enjoy using on our androids (comparable apps available on Iphones) as we travel the bi-ways of North America. The good news is that most of them are free. I don’t think we’ve got $10 invested in the whole list. I’m not suggesting that this list is all that’s out there. For every one I’ve mentioned there are probably a half dozen more out there that all do the same thing as good or even better

.In fact, I looked at apps and made a list a few months ago, strangely most of our favorites then have changednow. Here’s the original list. Maybe I need to read my own stuff a little more often.  If you’ve got some favorites that we should know about, please share. Then we can make this list even better.

Or head on over to where ever you get apps for your device and let’s get those smart phones and tablets performing.

More of the same, but different: Over at the Gypsy Journal website Nick talks about 15 Travel Websites us RVer’s will love Check it out.

I also provide oodles of useless information too. You can always get some of that at the Amazing Vanstones. We like to call ourselves “trailer trash with a bit of class”. While you’re there, why not bookmark us and come back real often. We really do enjoy the company.

3 Responses to “20 Apps Rv’ers Love”

  1. Thanks Larry. Just got a new smart phone. You saved me having to look for new apps.

  2. Great list. I always learn something from you.

  3. Thanks Jim. I learned a bunch from you guys


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