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Fuel Efficient RV’s

Let’s see now, we’ll attach our house to our car, then we’ll be absolutely amazed by the drop in fuel efficiency. Obviously, if fuel economy is important; the smaller the house, the better the fuel efficiency. Our first motorized RV was a 1979  Volkswagen Westfalia, the ultimate in fuel efficiency. It was the perfect RV ...

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Gas or Diesel?

 Which is the right one for you? The easy answer is: Depends. 20 years ago, almost all new Motorhomes were gas, 10 years ago it was probably 50/50. Now  over 70% of new A’s are diesel. Why the shift? Mostly the coaches are bigger, heavier, have more slides and substantially more equipment. These days most everyone ...

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Selling That RV

04.26.2008 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

  It’s time to move on. So you’ve been snooping around a bit trying to figure out what you can get for her…the RV is what I mean!  How do we move it quickly for a good price?  First, why not sit down and write a list of everything that’s not quite right with it. Needs ...

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What’s That RV Worth?

04.26.2008 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

Whether you are buying or selling, that’s probably the most important question of them all.  In reality the actual value of anything  is what a willing seller and a willing buyer can agree on. It’s really that simple. Compared with other similar RV’s how’s the condition? The colors? How clean is it? Does everything work? ...

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Which RV Is Right For Me?

I’ve been agonizing for weeks as to how I was going to set up this post. This is definitely the most asked question every RV salesperson ever hears. And not an easy one to answer either. There are so many variables. In my opinion these folks, Jayco, have done a great job of getting you ...

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Can I Finance An RV?

04.24.2008 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

You gotta love our free enterprise system. If there’s a buck to be made there’s someone ready to help, so yes of course you can finance. Banks in our area will finance new or near new RV’s for up to 20 years on an open loan. That means you can pay the loan down or pay it ...

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Where Do We Start?

04.24.2008 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's, Fold Downs

You are obviously thinking about buying an RV and I’m thinking about helping you. We should talk. I remember the day that I decided I wanted to get me one of those RV’s. We’d been out tenting more than once in the pouring rain. It was time to at least get off the ground. We ...

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