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Looking For a Checklist?

05.29.2008 · Posted in RV Travel, Tips and Tricks

I’m thinking it’s time we had a good checklist for leaving camp, setting up, that kind of stuff. You know how it is, the brain farts once in a while, always without warning. Here’s an idea that I think might work for me. Would it be helpful for you too? Tweet ...

RVers death at Indy speedway remains a mystery

05.28.2008 · Posted in RV Travel, Safety

  RVers death at Indy speedway remains a mystery By Greg Gerber   RV Industry News   INDIANAPOLIS — Authorities were uncertain Monday of the source of the carbon monoxide that filled a family’s recreational vehicle near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, killing one person and leaving three hospitalized.The gas killed 43-year-old Michael Thies and sickened four ...

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Internet Access On The Road

05.25.2008 · Posted in Computers & Stuff, Internet, RV Travel, Webpages

There are 2 things every RVer seems to have these days. At least 1 pet and at least one lap top. They never leave home with out either. Most RV Parks offer wifi as do a lot of truck stops. It’s getting easier and easier to find a signal. The problem and we all seem to ...

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The Importance of Proper Braking Systems II

05.11.2008 · Posted in Safety

Here’s the orginal story The Importance about a motorhome losing it’s toad during an accident. Here’s the update, from WAFF, North Alabama TV. Joey, we want you to know we are ALL pulling for you. Lets all double check our tow bars and braking systems every time we hook up. Tweet ...

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A Very Useful Website

05.10.2008 · Posted in RV Travel, Webpages

As you travel across North America this season, enjoying the beautiful scenery and relaxing in our fine RV Parks and Campgrounds every once in a while you’re just gonna want to park for the night. All you want to do is sleep for a few hours, then it’s back in the saddle, back on the road ...

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Are The Chinese Coming To An RV Store Near You?

RV Business this morning has an item about Swagman Motorhomes of Australia debuting their new joint venture motorhome, called Next Generation. It’s  manufactured in Australia, and finished in China, and will be shown at an upcoming show in Shanghai this May 16 to 18. They hope to have these 28′ and up Diesel Pusher motorhomes ...

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New or Used II

For today’s lesson I have enlisted the help of my two friends “Darryl and my other friend Darryl” (Wasn’t that a neat show?) As you know my name is Larry. In this skit I’m the RV salesperson, Darryl is going to buy a new coach, other Darryl is going to buy a similar motorhome, 5 ...

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New or Used?

What’s your best buy? New or Used?  If you always buy new or you always buy used, this conversation is over already. If you are on the fence, read on. Lets start by looking at motorhomes. New motorhomes today have numerous slides, full body paint, flat screen TV’s and the latest of Electronics. The tail ...

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The Importance of Proper Braking Systems

05.07.2008 · Posted in Safety

A lot of motorhome owners feel that having a proper braking system on their toad or dinghy isn’t necessary inspite of the fact that it is illegal to move with out it. At this point we don’t know exactly what happened, but the story certainly points to an inadequate system on the toad. It would ...

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Better Mileage

05.06.2008 · Posted in Fuel Savings, RV Travel

Gotcha! Here’s one we are all interested in. It’s the first word in every RV related conversation these days. Apparently fuel savings are important to others as well. Check this out: “JetBlue’s aircraft are 1,079 pounds lighter after removing extra trash bins, flight kits, supplies and seats — “all the little things that, when combined, ...

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Motorized or Towable What’s Best For Me?

05.03.2008 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

Oh Boy, here we go. Sit down a few trailer owners with a few motorhome  owners and this conversation will go for hours. Let’s try to make it simple. The motorhome shines when you are on the road. The view sitting up there in a Class A is to die for. The trailer or 5th ...

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Good News For Leisure Travel

05.02.2008 · Posted in Class B Motorhomes, Fuel Efficient Rvs

In the RV Business news this morning: Canadian RV manufacturer Triple E recently purchased Canadian van builder Leisure Travel. In spite of fuel prices it appears the Class B market is in tougher shape than the Class A market. A strong, well managed company like Triple E coming in is good news all around. Triple ...

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What’s That RV worth II

05.02.2008 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

Long before the NADA and Kelley Blue Book guides became available we in the RV Business had to establish values the good old fashioned way, We would have to guess. Yes, I’m talking before computers here. Remember, I’ve been doing this for quite a few years. Anyway it went like this: If a new model 26B was ...

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A Very Wonderful Geekish Website

05.02.2008 · Posted in Blogs, Computers & Stuff, Webpages

Are you frustated by RV Park WiFi? Understand Satellite Internet? How about Google Maps or the Picasa sites your friends are all raving about? Hell, How about anything Computer?  Relax, there is help, Here’s a couple of real friendly folk who’s main purpose in life is to make our lives easier. Really! You gotta meet them. Their ...


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