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Archive for December, 2010

Surge Protectors

12.09.2010 · Posted in RV Accessories

A neighbor of ours in the RV Park right now lost 2 of his TV’s¬† and his microwave oven the other day. Seems there was a problem with the power in the area of the park he is in. Down the street in another RV park some folks in a brand spanking new high end ...

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RV Macerator Pumps

12.03.2010 · Posted in RV Accessories

These days more and more of the Class A’s and C’s either come with an RV macerator pump as either standard equipment or as an option. Until a few months ago I had never used one but our new rig came equipped with RV Sani-Con. Suddenly I’m an expert. When we are on the road, ...

Affordable RV’s

12.02.2010 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

A recent survey in RV Travel.Com asked their readers to put a value on their current  recreation vehicle. While 13% value their babies at less than $10,000 a full third of their respondents come in at $20,000 or less. To me that says RVing is affordable recreation and a lot of people already recognize that. ...

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