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Be Careful Where You Plug In.

OK, today we need to talk man to man. It’s time we had a chat you and I. You are old enough that you have to start thinking about Safe RVing. Let’s face it Big Fella,you need to pay attention to where you’re putting that power cord of yours. I’m not kidding here, we really ...

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Our Coach Has No Furnace

Oh my goodness, it doesn’t have a water heater either. How could that be? Actually more and more quality RVs are built that way. Since the introduction of hydronic heating systems in the mid 80’s RV manufacturers have chosen hydronic systems in more and more of their high end motor coaches. As these systems become ...

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New Leisure Travel Van Video

Leisure Travel builds a beautiful camper van with loads of handy features. Leisure is built by Triple E, a Canadian manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience building high quality recreation vehicles. Tie Triple E quality to the indestructible Sprinter chassis by Mercedes and you are guaranteed a winner. If you are thinking new ...

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The Ultimate All Terrain RV

The EarthCruiser is the ultimate all terrain expedition vehicle for extended and comfortable travel to places that most people only read about in adventure magazines. Introducing the EarthCruiser EXP, a unique 4×4 camper that not only provides safe and reliable travel on and off the beaten track but also long term luxurious accommodation when you ...

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Be Kind To Your Batteries

Batteries are the heart and soul of every RV. We all know that, but still we abuse them so. that’s why I am reposting this Escapees RV Club article about proper battery maintenance. Read on my friends: How to Extend Your Battery Life Tips from Mark Nemeth You can extend your battery’s life by keeping ...

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RV vs Residential Refrigerators

Which one is best for you? Remember when RV fridges were all 3 way? You had a choice of which power source you wanted to use choosing between 12 volt, 110 volt, or propane. If you chose propane you had to hold down a button with one hand while you pressed the ignitor  with the ...

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Correct Tire Pressure

There seems to be such huge confusion over something as simple as correct tire pressure. Whenever I’ve bought new tires for our coaches the tire guys have either set them all at 100 pounds because that’s what we are told to do or they have read the tires to find the most pressure the tires are ...

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20 Apps Rv’ers Love

01.06.2013 · Posted in Apps, Free Stuff, Full Time RVing, Product Review

Did you get a new tablet or smart phone for Christmas? Many of your neighbors did too. I think Rvers especially will find tablets and smart phones incredibly handy as we travel. From basic Google Maps, Google Earth and Navigation that most devices are shipped with, there are hundreds more that will both help us ...


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