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Northstar Shows How They Build Campers

05.31.2014 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's, Truck Campers

I’m guessing that after 55 years in the truck camper business, Iowa truck camper manufacturer NorthStar should have a pretty good idea how to build a decent truck camper. Thy are so sure that they’re doing it right that they’ve produced a series of videos on their website where they walk you through the process. ...

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The difference between a Surge Protector, an Autoformer and an Electrical Management System is?

Each year more and more of the systems in our new higher end recreation vehicles become more electronic. Sadly, many of our recreation vehicle “resorts” are not keeping up the times. While their electrical services become older and less efficient our RV’s continue to demand more and better power. As a result serious stress on ...

America’s 5 Most Wanted RV Upgrades

05.28.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories, Webpages

Kirkland RV Sales out of Evert Washington (in our opinion, one of the most beautiful areas in the US) recently published this article on the “most wanted RV upgrades” and I think other than better internet hot spot they nailed the list pretty well. Why not read their list and see what you think. Tweet ...

40 Year Old Classics are Still Very Classy!

05.27.2014 · Posted in RV's in the news, RVs around the world

They started production with their 1973 models and as the story goes completed construction of these iconic motorhomes in 1976. The last few were sold off to other companies who completed the last few shells over the next two years so you can find GMC motorhomes tagged as late as 1978. They tell me that ...

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Motorcycles and Motorhomes: Your Two Loves?

05.25.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories, RV Travel, Tips and Tricks

“OK, we’re set up in the RV park, now let’s get out and ride.” There are lots of RVers out there who enjoy both their loves, but what’s the best way to easily take that big bike of yours on your next Motorhome adventure? Some tow a pickup truck with their bike in the truck ...

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We Test Drive Winnebago’s New Trend Class C

If you missed the test drive we did on Winnebago’s exciting new Travato camperized van you can catch that here. Travato, Winnebago’s newest entry in their touring coach line up, are built on the new Ram ProStar platform as a class B camperized van. They also are using the same platform in a “cut-away” or ...

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Test Drive Travato

One of the advantages to working in the RV industry is that we often get to try the new stuff first, simply because we are there when the new models first arrive at the dealership. Yesterday morning I pulled in to work right behind Sicard RV’s first Winnebago Travato Class B. You’ll remember, we talked ...

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Meet The Goulds

05.17.2014 · Posted in Full Time RVing, How We RV

The folks at Sicard RV sat down with good friends and happy Sicard customers Doug and Bonnie Gould to discuss their lifestyle as full-time RVers. They summer in Canada, spending a couple of months on their boat exploring Lake Superior, then work their way south to winter in Florida where they do a lot of ...

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A Wedgie Your RV Will Love

05.16.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories, Tips and Tricks

Do your topper awnings drive you crazy when they flap in the wind? Are you pissed when your toppers pool with water when it rains? We were enjoying a relaxing evening chatting with RV friends the other night and Gord was explaining the benefits of his Awning Wedge. Boy, am I out of the loop ...

RoadTrek All Electric E-Trek Van

Imagine this! A luxury camperized van with no propane tank and no separate generator. Instead, it’s all-electric with a generator that uses the vans 3.0 litre diesel engine to run it, with solar panels on the roof, a 5000 watt inverter, more than enough for all the appliances and count them, 8 maintenance-free batteries for ...

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Solera Awning features Speakers and LED Lights in awning

05.11.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories

Want music outside your RV? But don’t want ugly speakers on your exterior walls? What if they put the speakers in the awning heads? What if they added LED lights while they were at it? The new patent-pending Solera Awning Speakers are located inside the two Solera awning heads, providing excellent sound quality and directing ...

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Most “Luxurious” Winnebago EVER!

Winnebago has built motorhomes for over 50 years so when they tell you they are now offering the most luxurious Winnebago ever you know it’s going to be good. When they describe it using words like “upscale amenities” with impressive brand names like furniture by Villa you know they’ve loaded this one with all the ...

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Very Modern Tent Campers

05.07.2014 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's, Fold Downs

We first started camping in our tent, but soon tired of all the packing and unpacking and sleeping on the ground so we moved up to a fold down camper. Tent campers, aka Tent Trailers, aka Fold Downs and aka Hard Tops have a bunch of advantages, the most important one is you usually don’t ...

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Light-Weight trailer has classic look

It measures 16 feet from front to back, weighs about 1800 pounds and looks like the classic VW (Volkswagen) Van. It’s easy to pull and with its fiberglass body is really easy to keep up. Equipped with the pop-up roof you’ve got oodles of head room. As an added advantage you will never be lonely ...

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Residential Fridges In some Sprinter Trailers

It was only a year ago when I pondered if we would see residential fridges in our trailers any time soon. We’ve seen residential fridges in park model and destination trailers for years and they’ve made their way down the luxury motor home chain as more and more coaches go “all-electric” but, to the best ...

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Winnebago: New Fuel Efficient Class C

Winnebago is now shipping their new Winnebago Trend and Itasca Viva, offering an affordable new class C motor home built on the also new Ram ProMaster front wheel drive chassis You can view the Winnebago Trend brochure here Or, if you prefer, you can catch the Motorhome Magazine product review here. Tweet ...

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