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21 Differences: Old Brave vs new Winnebago Brave

Winnebago Brave 1971

Winnebago Brave 1971

I dreamed about having a class A motorhome for 30 years before we actually bought our first one and on many of those dreamy nights we travelled the highways of North America in an Iconic Winnebago Brave.

When I started in the RV biz in 1978 I was really excited when I sold my very first Winnebago motor home. And I was there for the new 1978’s when the “flying W’s” eyebrows disappeared.
So you know that I’m excited to see my first new Brave.
Which got me looking at the specifications on the new ones and comparing them to specifications of the Brave of 45 years ago.
The first big difference is that while the old ones were built on an old short wheel base Dodge truck chassis, the new ones are attached to a chassis built exclusively for a motor home. Between the new chassis and the radial tires you can bet there’s a big difference in the ride, handling and power.

On the old babies you needed to constantly carry matches (remember those?) to light each and every propane using appliance.

The 2015 Brave is taller, wider with an exterior fiberglass skin, not thin, easy to dent aluminum like his daddy. And to add to the ride, the wheel base is longer.
You won’t need to carry your 2×6’s to level any more, in fact you can trow them in the campfire. The new guys have automatic hydraulic leveling jacks.
And in the cab you will find GPS, rear view monitor ready for your devices, power mirrors and adjustable lumbar support in the driver and co-pilot seats.

Further back you’ll feast on the large flat screen HD tv’s, the ceiling lights are LED and the bunk over the driver’s area is powered up and down.
The veteran Winnebago owners will notice the updated appliances, the designer countertops and even a microwave oven. And we will all enjoy the queen size bed with comfy mattress, quite an improvement over the plywood and thin cushions we used to enjoy.

Outside you don’t need to bend down to push in or pull out your entry step and to adjust your awning you’ll just need to touch a button.
If you had the extra money you could get a generator in your early 70’s Brave. Now they don’t come without one.
You may want to read the spec sheet your self just to pick up what I missed. I really look forward to seeing the 2015 in this now “New Brave world”2015brave

Oh, there is one more difference; In the early 70’s they sold for about $10,000.

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