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40 Year Old Classics are Still Very Classy!

05.27.2014 · Posted in RV's in the news, RVs around the world

IMAG3090They started production with their 1973 models and as the story goes completed construction of these iconic motorhomes in 1976. The last few were sold off to other companies who completed the last few shells over the next two years so you can find GMC motorhomes tagged as late as 1978. They tell me that over the years they built close to eleven thousand of these beauties and even now, in 2014, there still close to seven thousand coaches still out there on our highways.
They were all fibreglass, all front wheel drive with big GM V-8 engines common in other General Motors vehicles.

IMAG3069We talked about the early 70’s Winnebago Braves the other day. I’m sure you will agree, these babies did not resemble the typical 70’s motor coach.

The RV park where we summer recently hosted a rally of 17 of these well-loved beauties and I was able to talk to a couple of the coach owners. These days most of the miles they put on their toys is moving between rallies where they catch up on the latest and trade stories with fellow GMC owners.
You too can catch up with them at the GMC Classics Motorhomes club if you wish.

Join us next time when we discuss the difference between a surge protector, an energy management system and an autoformer.

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