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A Little Story About Our Steering Stabilizer

  We are doing 65 or 70 miles per hour in the far left lane passing a couple of 18 wheelers on a Ohio Interstate when suddenly we hear a load noise from under the coach. I’m thinking it’s a tire but I can’t feel anything different so I assume it must be a rear. I also assume I better get over to the shoulder and check it out and I better do it fast.

I take my foot off the accelerator, I need to get back behind the trucks before I can move over. When I get behind them there is a delivery truck travelling in the right lane, so now I wait for him. I’m probably down to 40 or 50 mph by this point and still have full control of our 40′ coach. Now I’m sure it’s a rear tire.
Finally, all clear, I move over to the shoulder and roll to a stop. I check my right front on the way out (it’s right there as I come out the door of our pusher) and walk back to check the rears. I’m thinking because of the noise that it’s probably one of the duals on the left so I’m not surprised when the right tires are all just fine but can’t figure it out when I get around on the road side and both the left duals arealso  just fine.  In fact I go back around and check the right duals a second time. They are fine. Now I’m thinking “Maybe it wasn’t a tire, what else could it have been?” Now I’m at the left front. It is flat! But, how could that be? In the minute or two it three it took me to pull over I’d felt not one bit of pull on the steering. Then it dawns on me! Wow, am I ever glad I put that Safe-T-Plus on. This is not necessarily a plug for the brand name Safe-t-Plus but it is a shameless plug for all of us to install a quality steering stabilizer on our motorhomes.
When the road service guy got that tire off and I had a look at it I could easily put my chubby little finger through the hole in the tread, so the tire pressure certainly disappeared quickly. And yet there was no panic, the motorhome handled the crisis with nary a whimper. I’ve had the stabilizer on there for about 20,000 miles and was certainly happy with the way the coach handled in strong cross winds and I’ve never had any issue with this coach and trucks passing but I was never sure whether that was the 8 air bag Roadmaster Chassis or the Safe-t-Plus I had installed. When I think what could have happened out there in the far left lane travelling at 65 or 70 mph I freak. And then I thank myself for caring about my wife and the rest of world and by putting our safety first.

I chose Safe-t-Plus because of the big shock as opposed to the springs that the others I looked at use. Choose what  ever one you want. Just get one on.

Do you have a steering stabilizer story that you will share with your fellow RVers? Our comment section awaits your arrival.

Cooncidentally; Coming Soon: A story about a Road Service company.

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