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A New Approach To Light Weight Trailers

Look what was in our park the other morning.

It’s called an Alto and it’s built by Safari Condo of Quebec Canada.  These trailers fold down to  a teardrop for travel, are easy to tow, and are built unlike most other RV’s in North America.  I say light weight because these homes on wheels start out at just over 1600 pounds, that’s roughly the weight of a hard top tent trailer. If you vehicle is rated to pull about 2500 pounds you are certainly good to go with this one.

2 Responses to “A New Approach To Light Weight Trailers”

  1. Now that is a cool camper. Do you have any more pics of it. kinda reminds me of our teardrop from Yoder Toter.

    Did it have a tent side at top or hard side?

  2. It’s all hard side. The website is pretty explanatory: http://www.safaricondo.com/alto/indexeng.php


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