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A Very Useful Website

05.10.2008 · Posted in RV Travel, Webpages

As you travel across North America this season, enjoying the beautiful scenery and relaxing in our fine RV Parks and Campgrounds every once in a while you’re just gonna want to park for the night. All you want to do is sleep for a few hours, then it’s back in the saddle, back on the road and lets get to “Where we’re goin”. Are you with me so far? But the question is always “Where?” There’s one site that stands out as the one with the solution to your dilemma and that site is called Overnight RV Parking. They tell us they have close to 4,000 spots in North America to temporarily hang your hat all properly mapped out in an easy to find way.

We will certainly be offering up our $18.00 for this one before we hit the road this fall.

Oh, and just in case you are interested, according to Ontario Travel most Travel Plazas and Rest Areas in Ontario Canada offer Overnight parking. You can get a complete list of rest areas and travel plazas go to  Travel Ontario.

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