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A Very Wonderful Geekish Website

05.02.2008 · Posted in Blogs, Computers & Stuff, Webpages

Are you frustated by RV Park WiFi? Understand Satellite Internet? How about Google Maps or the Picasa sites your friends are all raving about? Hell, How about anything Computer

Relax, there is help, Here’s a couple of real friendly folk who’s main purpose in life is to make our lives easier. Really! You gotta meet them. Their names are Jim and Chris and their website is Geeks On Tour They’ve even got video tutorials done in plain old English..honest, I see no Geek talk... I can see they can certainly make my life a lot easier, that’s why I’ve added them to my Blogroll. so that way you and I can always find Geeks On Tour. You’re Welcome.

2 Responses to “A Very Wonderful Geekish Website”

  1. I have a class c – 30 amp — the power seems to drop off and then pick right back up again, this happens when i’m plugged and it also happens when i’m on the generator.

  2. Sorry Rick. I have no idea how I can help you with that one. Larry


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