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A Wedgie Your RV Will Love

05.16.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories, Tips and Tricks

Stop that topper flapping!

Stop that topper flapping!

Do your topper awnings drive you crazy when they flap in the wind? Are you pissed when your toppers pool with water when it rains?

We were enjoying a relaxing evening chatting with RV friends the other night and Gord was explaining the benefits of his Awning Wedge. Boy, am I out of the loop or what? They’ve been around for years but I’ve never ever even heard of them. Maybe you haven’t either. My friend Gordon highly recommends them to cut that awning flutter in strong winds. They also end the big pools of water up there after a rain and I would assume eliminate leaves and twigs pooling up there when you are in the woods.
You can learn more about RV Awning Wedge here.
Do you use the Awning Wedge? Tell us what you think.
Do you have a handy RV accessory we should know about?

2 Responses to “A Wedgie Your RV Will Love”

  1. An easier and much cheaper solution is to cut a piece of 1/2″ white pvc pipe to the width of the awning plus 1″. then fee a thin white rope thru the pipe, long enough so that when you lay the pipe across the top of the awning, the rope extends down either side of the slide out and comes together under the slide out where you tie it together. You can carry the pole in your basement or, with a fifth wheel, carry it in your truck as I do. There is nothing to blow up and no ladder needed to put it in place. I simply toss the pole up on the awning and tie off the two ends. I have a knot at each end of the rope where it exits the pole so I can just grab one end to pull the pole down when leaving, without pulling the rope out of the pole. Just slight pressure from the pole keeps it form flapping and lowers the edges so water doesn’t puddle on the awning. and the white pole and white rope make it almost invisible on a white slide out. On a really wide awning cover, cut the pole in half for easy folding when storing. Total cost around $5. I’ve used mine for 2 years and it works great.

  2. Hi Fred
    Can you show us a picture or two? Thanks Larry


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