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All Electric Travel Trailer: Coming Soon?

An oldy but a goody

Last week’s edition of the Caravan Times, a British weekly RV newsletter, features an article on a new almost all-electric travel trailer.
I remember being told about 10 years ago that because of the fire hazard,  at some point in the future there would be no more liquid propane gas on any RV’s. That prediction started to come true about 5 years ago on the ultra high-line motorhomes soon after the Aqua-Hot diesel burners providing both heat and hot water became affordable. If you switch off propane to the furnace and the water heater, the biggest LP users,  coming up with a residential 110 volt regrigerator and an electric cook-top make the total elimination of gas on an RV a done deal. Motor home manufacturers accomplished this by adding at least two extra coach batteries and a second or larger capacity inverter.

Now most diesel pushers are built with a residential refrigerator and an electic cooktop and more and more every year come with no LP at all. (Everyone I know that has an electric fridge in their RV loves it, even the boon-dockers) My guess is that in the next few years you can watch all class A’s  lose that big LP tank. That will not only reduce the fire hazard but also the weight.

As the technology becomes more affordable trailers too will join the “all electric” revolution. Think of the little old trailer in the picture above. I’m not sure what year it is, but it’s possible that it could have had LP lights. We have already came a long way.

3 Responses to “All Electric Travel Trailer: Coming Soon?”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Big deal. In 1970-1971, my ex and I converted a 26′ travel trailer to all electric. It had a residential fridge, a resistance wall heater, 10 gl. water heater. a window A/C we ducted through the length of the trailer and an old Sears range with overhead oven.

  2. Hey Jeannie. Maybe you guys started it all.

  3. Jeannie says:

    I doubt it.


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