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Apps for the RV’er

05.09.2012 · Posted in Apps, Internet, Product Review, RV Accessories

Our coach swallows 130 gallons (490 liters) of diesel fuel so it made sense to start with GasBuddy.com when we got our new Android phone.

Next we added AllStays Camp and RV to help us find RV Parks, Wal-Marts, RV dealers and a whole lot more. Since then we’ve added Passport America for all our half price RV Parks, then because  we usually wind up at Pilot or Flying J for fuel anyway added MyPilot.    You know we have Google Maps and Google Navigation, a flashlight and a compass & level  app as well.

We’ve been sitting in a park for a month or so and even though we won’t be moving far  for a months I have began thinking about our next multi-month trip. I’m thinking I’m going to add an Android tablet to our mix, one with GPS and set it up with all what you see above plus a  bunch more apps so my co-pilot can have the whole world at her fingertips. Currently on the list of “would that be handy or what?” are apps like Simple Weather that will alert us of severe storms no matter where we are . There are lots of other helpful apps like where do I point my TV antenna, and once you do that you’ll want the app that gets you local TV listings.

Or how about Next Exit and their new one Next Exit History? Google Earth will let us see what that entrance to the park looks like and  Waze will keep you up to date on what’s happening down the highway.  If you are a member of FMCA or a Membership Park like Thousand Trails you’ll want their app for sure. We use Coach-Net for road service, and I haven’t found their app but if you use Good Sam Road Service they have what looks to be a great app too.  Since we’re talking back on the road check out MYDat trucker services for fuel prices, truck stops and again  Walmarts. If you break down on the highway 4Road Service will certainly be handy.

Woodalls has a great RV Park app too and once you are in the park a checklist might help you get set up quicker. Then one like Places will tell you what food and services are available around your park. Or if it’s dinner in tonight Swirl will lead you to the nearest wine store.

There are hundreds more popular apps, that’s for sure. Why not take a minute or two and leave us a comment with your favorites. Then maybe would be the perfect time to download a good book to settle in with.

4 Responses to “Apps for the RV’er”

  1. wiki-panion is nice to have as it helps take the monotony out of some of the desolate areas…my co pilot launches it as we enter small-medium sized cities to learn about the area and what each town is known for..

  2. for those of us still learning how to use a vcr, what is an android? what is an app? how much do they cost ? HOW MUCH TO OPERATE? in this world of gadgets some of us get lost. where would you get a list of these aps and what ones should would you install if you knew how yo install.would a simple garmin gps not give you the same basic info for $100.00 and no monthly charge? is there any place that sells these gadgets that will give you a proper demonstration on how to use all the features? all the cell phones i have purchased in the past, the sales person shows you how to call out and answer and then tells you the phone has many other features that are listed in the owners manual not being one to follow written instructions very well i call out and answer my phone and leave the other features alone whatever they may be lol

  3. Hi Kenny I’d say that’s a very APPropriate response. I understand your frustration. These things come with owners manuals? How do they work?

  4. Here’s one for iPhone users called Bug Spray. Emits a high pitched noise that keeps bugs away. They say it works well and I’ll have to take their word for it because it’s not yet available in Android.


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