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Be Careful Where You Plug In.

OK, today we need to talk man to man. It’s time we had a chat you and I. You are old enough that you have to start thinking about Safe RVing. Let’s face it Big Fella,you need to pay attention to where you’re putting that power cord of yours.

I’m not kidding here, we really do need to be careful. Modern RVs have thousands of dollars of electronics on board, and all of them can be destroyed by one mistaken plug in. I hear stories all the time of people plug in to reverse polarity, open grounds, even receptacles wired at 220 volt. You can imagine what that does to your electrical system. Its not pretty.
When these things happen the repair bill is usually in the thousands. I’ve heard numbers well above $10,000 more than once.
Fortunately, you can insure that sort of disaster will not happen to you for just a few hundred dollars.
Our electrical system is protected by a Progressive Industries surge protector with voltage protection available in either 30 or 50 amp.
As I understand it there are only two major manufacturers for this type of product. Your choices are #1 rated Progressive or TRC (Surge-gard). Ask your RV buddies which one they like and usually in my experience the majority prefer lifetime warranty Progressive
You can check out the entire Progressive product line here and here is a link to Surge-Gard

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