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Be Kind To Your Batteries

battery deep cycle Batteries are the heart and soul of every RV. We all know that, but still we abuse them so. that’s why I am reposting this Escapees RV Club article about proper battery maintenance.
Read on my friends:

How to Extend Your Battery Life
Tips from Mark Nemeth

You can extend your battery’s life by keeping your battery charged properly and avoiding deep discharges.

Let me explain: A battery “cycle” is one complete discharge and recharge cycle. It is usually defined as discharging the battery from 100% to some point not lower than 20%, and then charging back up to 100%. Battery life is directly related to how deep the battery is cycled each time. If a battery is never discharged below 40% each cycle, it will last about twice as long as if it is cycled to 20%. Running the battery down totally flat will have a very negative effect on the lifespan of the battery.

The following chart is for voltages as related to depth of discharge. This chart is designed to be used when monitoring a battery under a light load. This chart is intended for the average RVer, as we are most interested in monitoring the state of charge of our battery bank while it is actually in use.

Avoid discharging the battery below the 40% level whenever possible. You can check the voltage of the battery or battery bank with a digital voltmeter right at the battery to get the most accurate voltage reading.

You can learn more tech tips from both Mark Nemeth, Escapees RV Education Director and Jim Koca, Escapees RVers’ Boot Camp Presenter at our Gillette Escapade and in every issue of Escapees magazine!

Image courtesy: Mark’s Fulltime RV Resource
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