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A Camper for your Jeep

Here’s another possibility if you are serious about off road, 4×4 RVing. Action Camper, built out of fibreglass only adds about 400 lbs to the weight of your long wheel base Jeep but features a queen bed, a two burner stove, a fridge, water heater and a chemical toilet. There is even an optional shower ...

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Off Beaten Path 4 x 4 RV

A couple of RV parks back there was a Tiger Adventure vehicle parked not far away from me. I’ve seen pictures of Tiger four-wheel drive rvs and I’ve read about them, but never have I been up close and personal to a Tiger. I believe the owner’s name was Jack and he has full-timed in ...

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The Ultimate All Terrain RV

The EarthCruiser is the ultimate all terrain expedition vehicle for extended and comfortable travel to places that most people only read about in adventure magazines. Introducing the EarthCruiser EXP, a unique 4×4 camper that not only provides safe and reliable travel on and off the beaten track but also long term luxurious accommodation when you ...

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Lance ups Truck Camper Game

Haven’t truck campers come a long way now! With two slides and all the details of a luxury motorhome this RV is certainly more than “just something to take the kids fishing”. The question remains at almost 3700 pounds dry weight (and that’s before options) what do you need to carry it? I’m not seeing ...

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All Electric Travel Trailer: Coming Soon?

Last week’s edition of the Caravan Times, a British weekly RV newsletter, features an article on a new almost all-electric travel trailer. I remember being told about 10 years ago that because of the fire hazard,  at some point in the future there would be no more liquid propane gas on any RV’s. That prediction started ...

Rugged RV Designed For People With Work To Do

They call it Bulldog and it looks like they designed it the same way. Built on a 14′ chassis, the rugged trailer sports 2 100 pound LP tanks, 2 35,000 BTU furnaces, plus two 110 volt baseboard heaters wrapped in R38 floor and ceiling insulation. For more on this unique RV read the RV Daily ...

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A Great Boondocking Idea

04.30.2012 · Posted in Boondocking

Who says old guys don’t come up with good ideas? Not me, thats for sure. And fellow¬†writer Boondock Bob has one I probably would have completely missed with out his input. If his idea works in Nevada, where else will it work? Read his perfect plan here on RV Boon Docking News. To learn more ...

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Great Aid to Boondockers

04.20.2012 · Posted in Boondocking

You like to boondock but you’re not finding that perfect place you’re looking for. If you just knew somebody in the area you could just go park in their driveway for a night or two but you don’t know anybody in this town. Or maybe you have some room on your lot for an extra ...

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