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Stepping Out, Stepping Up with Style

I saw a new Montana 5th wheel yesterday with a new kind of entry step. It has a good size step, adjustable, no rocking, no rolling and says it’s good for up to 500 pounds. It’s designed to work with the bigger 5th wheels and toy hauler. If I was in the market for either ...

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Residential Fridges In some Sprinter Trailers

It was only a year ago when I pondered if we would see residential fridges in our trailers any time soon. We’ve seen residential fridges in park model and destination trailers for years and they’ve made their way down the luxury motor home chain as more and more coaches go “all-electric” but, to the best ...

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Makes Your Trailer Easier To Pull: Correct Track

I noticed the other day that Keystone Trailers has upgraded the suspension system on all their new Laredo travel trailers to include Correct Track alignment system. The big plus with Correct Track is that your qualified service facility can easily adjust the axle alignment based on how you use your trailer. “Correct Track, when properly ...

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7 Advantages For Cable Slides

Like every innovation in anything RV, the “lucky” early adopters help the manufacturers work the bugs out of the new systems. Cable slides have been around since the mid 2000’s and we learned pretty quickly that they weren’t going to stand up for use on big heavy slides. In fact, they quickly became a feature ...

RV vs Residential Refrigerators

Which one is best for you? Remember when RV fridges were all 3 way? You had a choice of which power source you wanted to use choosing between 12 volt, 110 volt, or propane. If you chose propane you had to hold down a button with one hand while you pressed the ignitor  with the ...

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The Magic Combo

09.17.2009 · Posted in 5th Wheels, Full Time RVing, RV Travel

The discussion never ends. What’s better? A trailer, 5th wheel or a motorhome. Everyone has their own opinion. One of the negative when folks are dissing 5th wheels is that trailer or no trailer you only have a big truck to drive. Here’s one man’s fix to that problem. He got a bigger truck (I’ll ...

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No More Slider Hitches

08.27.2009 · Posted in 5th Wheels, Tips and Tricks

Get a load of this new pin box coupler from Reese. It’s called the Sidewinder from Reese. It pretty much eliminates the need for the always more expensive slider the wheel hitches  you’ve needed to pull a 5th wheel with your short box truck. In case you missed it, here’s the video. Tweet ...

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Which RV Is Right For Me?

I’ve been agonizing for weeks as to how I was going to set up this post. This is definitely the most asked question every RV salesperson ever hears. And not an easy one to answer either. There are so many variables. In my opinion these folks, Jayco, have done a great job of getting you ...

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