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New or Used II

For today’s lesson I have enlisted the help of my two friends “Darryl and my other friend Darryl” (Wasn’t that a neat show?) As you know my name is Larry. In this skit I’m the RV salesperson, Darryl is going to buy a new coach, other Darryl is going to buy a similar motorhome, 5 ...

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New or Used?

What’s your best buy? New or Used?  If you always buy new or you always buy used, this conversation is over already. If you are on the fence, read on. Lets start by looking at motorhomes. New motorhomes today have numerous slides, full body paint, flat screen TV’s and the latest of Electronics. The tail ...

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Gas or Diesel?

 Which is the right one for you? The easy answer is: Depends. 20 years ago, almost all new Motorhomes were gas, 10 years ago it was probably 50/50. Now  over 70% of new A’s are diesel. Why the shift? Mostly the coaches are bigger, heavier, have more slides and substantially more equipment. These days most everyone ...

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Which RV Is Right For Me?

I’ve been agonizing for weeks as to how I was going to set up this post. This is definitely the most asked question every RV salesperson ever hears. And not an easy one to answer either. There are so many variables. In my opinion these folks, Jayco, have done a great job of getting you ...

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