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We Test Drive Winnebago’s New Trend Class C

If you missed the test drive we did on Winnebago’s exciting new Travato camperized van you can catch that here. Travato, Winnebago’s newest entry in their touring coach line up, are built on the new Ram ProStar platform as a class B camperized van. They also are using the same platform in a “cut-away” or ...

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Winnebago: New Fuel Efficient Class C

Winnebago is now shipping their new Winnebago Trend and Itasca Viva, offering an affordable new class C motor home built on the also new Ram ProMaster front wheel drive chassis You can view the Winnebago Trend brochure here Or, if you prefer, you can catch the Motorhome Magazine product review here. Tweet ...

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Off Beaten Path 4 x 4 RV

A couple of RV parks back there was a Tiger Adventure vehicle parked not far away from me. I’ve seen pictures of Tiger four-wheel drive rvs and I’ve read about them, but never have I been up close and personal to a Tiger. I believe the owner’s name was Jack and he has full-timed in ...

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7 Advantages For Cable Slides

Like every innovation in anything RV, the “lucky” early adopters help the manufacturers work the bugs out of the new systems. Cable slides have been around since the mid 2000’s and we learned pretty quickly that they weren’t going to stand up for use on big heavy slides. In fact, they quickly became a feature ...

Correct Tire Pressure

There seems to be such huge confusion over something as simple as correct tire pressure. Whenever I’ve bought new tires for our coaches the tire guys have either set them all at 100 pounds because that’s what we are told to do or they have read the tires to find the most pressure the tires are ...

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Which RV Is Right For Me?

I’ve been agonizing for weeks as to how I was going to set up this post. This is definitely the most asked question every RV salesperson ever hears. And not an easy one to answer either. There are so many variables. In my opinion these folks, Jayco, have done a great job of getting you ...

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