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Very Modern Tent Campers

05.07.2014 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's, Fold Downs

We first started camping in our tent, but soon tired of all the packing and unpacking and sleeping on the ground so we moved up to a fold down camper. Tent campers, aka Tent Trailers, aka Fold Downs and aka Hard Tops have a bunch of advantages, the most important one is you usually don’t ...

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Sleeps 4 Tent Trailer Towable by Motorcycle

04.16.2014 · Posted in 4 x 4 off road, Fold Downs, Fuel Efficient Rvs

Indiana light weight RV manufacturer Livin’ Lite has added to their line-up of lightweight automotive tent campers starting with a new 6′ tent camper light enough to be pulled by larger motorcylces. The Quicksilver line of affordable tent campers also includes an 8 foot model weighing in at just over 800 pounds and a 10′ ...

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Camper Deals On Wheels

05.10.2012 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's, Fold Downs

A new camper for your pickup or a new folding trailer should cost you a bit less than it did just 4 years ago. You still will find some discounts as dealers recover from slumping sales. Meanwhile, manufacturers continue to lighten the load. Read the full Consumers Digest Article here Tweet ...

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Which RV Is Right For Me?

I’ve been agonizing for weeks as to how I was going to set up this post. This is definitely the most asked question every RV salesperson ever hears. And not an easy one to answer either. There are so many variables. In my opinion these folks, Jayco, have done a great job of getting you ...

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Where Do We Start?

04.24.2008 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's, Fold Downs

You are obviously thinking about buying an RV and I’m thinking about helping you. We should talk. I remember the day that I decided I wanted to get me one of those RV’s. We’d been out tenting more than once in the pouring rain. It was time to at least get off the ground. We ...

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