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Northstar Shows How They Build Campers

05.31.2014 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's, Truck Campers

I’m guessing that after 55 years in the truck camper business, Iowa truck camper manufacturer NorthStar should have a pretty good idea how to build a decent truck camper. Thy are so sure that they’re doing it right that they’ve produced a series of videos on their website where they walk you through the process. ...

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A Camper for your Jeep

Here’s another possibility if you are serious about off road, 4×4 RVing. Action Camper, built out of fibreglass only adds about 400 lbs to the weight of your long wheel base Jeep but features a queen bed, a two burner stove, a fridge, water heater and a chemical toilet. There is even an optional shower ...

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7 Advantages For Cable Slides

Like every innovation in anything RV, the “lucky” early adopters help the manufacturers work the bugs out of the new systems. Cable slides have been around since the mid 2000’s and we learned pretty quickly that they weren’t going to stand up for use on big heavy slides. In fact, they quickly became a feature ...

Lance ups Truck Camper Game

Haven’t truck campers come a long way now! With two slides and all the details of a luxury motorhome this RV is certainly more than “just something to take the kids fishing”. The question remains at almost 3700 pounds dry weight (and that’s before options) what do you need to carry it? I’m not seeing ...

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