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Satelite TV And Canadian RV Snowbirds

06.12.2014 · Posted in Tips and Tricks

Canada has two suppliers of satellite television, ExpressVu (now called Bell TV) and Shaw Direct. Until two years ago Canadians could roam all of Canada and the US and still catch their favorite Canadian shows regardless to whom they were subscribed. That’s when Bell TV realigned their footprint so there signal was no longer available ...

Do All RV Manufacturers Walls Delaminate?

The short answer is no. Not all RV manufacturers laminate their walls to begin with. Think of your standard travel trailer like a Prowler or a Terry or Dutchmen from years gone by. Most of these rv’s were built around a wooden frame, with fibreglass insulation using a process called “Stick and Tin”. The “stick” ...

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Motorcycles and Motorhomes: Your Two Loves?

05.25.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories, RV Travel, Tips and Tricks

“OK, we’re set up in the RV park, now let’s get out and ride.” There are lots of RVers out there who enjoy both their loves, but what’s the best way to easily take that big bike of yours on your next Motorhome adventure? Some tow a pickup truck with their bike in the truck ...

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A Wedgie Your RV Will Love

05.16.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories, Tips and Tricks

Do your topper awnings drive you crazy when they flap in the wind? Are you pissed when your toppers pool with water when it rains? We were enjoying a relaxing evening chatting with RV friends the other night and Gord was explaining the benefits of his Awning Wedge. Boy, am I out of the loop ...

Pull a heavy trailer with your motorhome SAFELY?

04.19.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories, Safety, Tips and Tricks, Towing

Problem: You’re convinced you RV can pull your heavy trailer but there is no way the chassis will carry the hitch weight safely. Also, a little extra braking power would be helpful Trailer Toad could be your answer. If you hang around the smaller race tracks or horse shows sooner or later you’re bound to ...

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Eliminate White Spots

02.13.2013 · Posted in Tips and Tricks

I Love a clean and shiny motor home. I hate waterspots It happens every time I wash our coach. I wind up with white water marks when it drys and I need to wipe the coach down to get rid of them. The wiping is always a bigger job than the original wash job. At ...

Want More Hot Water From Your Current RV?

Does your current RV water heater run out of hot water just when you get to the really good part of the shower? Do you wish you could change out that old pre-historic water heater in your current RV without making any alterations to your current RV? Atwood, a major and respected manufacturer of RV ...

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Be Careful Where You Plug In.

OK, today we need to talk man to man. It’s time we had a chat you and I. You are old enough that you have to start thinking about Safe RVing. Let’s face it Big Fella,you need to pay attention to where you’re putting that power cord of yours. I’m not kidding here, we really ...

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Be Kind To Your Batteries

Batteries are the heart and soul of every RV. We all know that, but still we abuse them so. that’s why I am reposting this Escapees RV Club article about proper battery maintenance. Read on my friends: How to Extend Your Battery Life Tips from Mark Nemeth You can extend your battery’s life by keeping ...

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Correct Tire Pressure

There seems to be such huge confusion over something as simple as correct tire pressure. Whenever I’ve bought new tires for our coaches the tire guys have either set them all at 100 pounds because that’s what we are told to do or they have read the tires to find the most pressure the tires are ...

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Mice Love RV’s

12.15.2012 · Posted in Tips and Tricks

Sooner or later we all have little mice visitors in our RVs and thats never good news. And while my personal rodent experience is nothing more serious than a screaming wife I know people who have had  encounters with our little and not so little rodent friends that has cost them thousands to repair. If you ...

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Why Do I Have Weepholes?

The hole or slot you see on the right in the window frame in the picture is a weep hole. It’s purpose is to drain accumulated water from the window track inside of the glass. Without the weep hole water from condensation would accumulate in the window track before draining off into the walls of ...

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Driving Tips For Your RV

05.04.2012 · Posted in Tips and Tricks, Travel

So, you’re ready to climb up into the driver’s seat and hit the road. You’ve picked the ideal campground, made the reservation, stocked the RV, and locked the house up tight. Now if you only felt more comfortable mastering that “monster” on the road! Take heart. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), driving ...

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Rv Refrigerators And Fires

04.30.2012 · Posted in Safety, Tips and Tricks

I read somewhere not long ago that 80 percent of all RV fires start at the fridge. I don’t know for sure the 80% number is accurate but I do know that most parked RV fires that I have heard about in the last 10 years were all fridge related. In fact, our very good ...

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From Anode To Yaw. Let’s learn RV talk

Every industry has it’s own special language. Words and terms that mean something different in one industry then they might to people in other vocations. Here in the RV world we have a bunch that we understand but others may not. Fortunately our good friends at Jayco RV put a list together so we can ...

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What do you weigh?

09.30.2011 · Posted in Fuel Savings, Full Time RVing, Tips and Tricks

We weighed our coach yesterday just to make sure that based on the axles weights,  I had the tire pressure set properly to get the maximun efficency out of our tires. My tires are Goodyear 295 80R 22.5 and from the first number on the weigh tab we can see the front axle weighs 13,740 pounds. ...

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My Fridge Won’t Work

07.30.2011 · Posted in RV Travel, Tips and Tricks

I hear that comment all the time in the RV parks, especially this time of year. The part that most weekend RV’ers (and some not so weekenders) forget is that on warm days it takes at least twenty four hours for your fridge to properly cool. Why not turn your fridge on a couple of ...

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Full Timers Alert

10.05.2009 · Posted in Full Time RVing, Tips and Tricks

I was talking to our insurance broker today and she asked me if we had Full Timer’s Insurance. My question in return was “What is Full Timer’s Insurance and why do I need it.” She tells me that my Motor Home policy does not cover things like cameras, computers, things like that. Because these things ...

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We Replace Our Old TV’s

10.01.2009 · Posted in Computers & Stuff, Tips and Tricks

We, like every other owner of  about 2006 and older RV’s have TV’s to replace if we want to stay at all current. So before we head out for the winter, we spend the money and replace the TV’s. First we remove the living room TV. That leaves this hole. Lots of room in there, ...

Digital TV

09.29.2009 · Posted in Tips and Tricks

This summer we added Digital TV’s to our coach. First of all, it freed up a lot of formerly wasted storage space and  the new Digital Flat Screens certainly produce an amazingly better picture. We use both  Star Choice Satellite  and now with digital tvs, our Winegard TV antenna is back in fashion.  Today the ...

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How Do I Drive This Thing?

09.29.2009 · Posted in Class A Motorhomes, Tips and Tricks

  OK, So you bought yourself a shiny new motorhome. It’s 3 or 4 times the size of your car. You know you can drive this monster, you see others doing it, but a few tips would sure be helpful. Here comes Lazy Days RV in Seffner Florida (the worlds largest single store RV Dealer) to ...

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My Shiny Skylight

I’ve been trying for months to get that fuzzy, foggy look off the 7 or 8 year old skylight on top of our motorhome. I’ve tried everything. I’ve washed it with car wash soap, Simple Green and Awsome. Windex did nothing either. Sometimes our brains do wonderful things: I’ve used Headlight Lens Restorer on my headlights ...

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No More Slider Hitches

08.27.2009 · Posted in 5th Wheels, Tips and Tricks

Get a load of this new pin box coupler from Reese. It’s called the Sidewinder from Reese. It pretty much eliminates the need for the always more expensive slider the wheel hitches  you’ve needed to pull a 5th wheel with your short box truck. In case you missed it, here’s the video. Tweet ...

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Got Taste?

10.12.2008 · Posted in Tips and Tricks

  Bad taste? Is your drinking water kinda messing up your drinks.Their problem is their water hose. Instead of using that one you don’t need in the garden anymore, do yourself and your family a favor. Head off down to your local RV supply store and invest a few bucks in a new hose suitable ...

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How Do You Hang Your Laundry?

09.09.2008 · Posted in RV Accessories, Tips and Tricks

  So you are out having a great time in your RV and it’s time to do laundry. Some head off to the Laundromat and don’t come home til it’s all washed and dried. Others like my better half love the washer in our coach but is not very happy with the dryer part of ...

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