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Our Coach Has No Furnace

Oh my goodness, it doesn’t have a water heater either. How could that be? Actually more and more quality RVs are built that way. Since the introduction of hydronic heating systems in the mid 80’s RV manufacturers have chosen hydronic systems in more and more of their high end motor coaches. As these systems become ...

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Why Do I Have Weepholes?

The hole or slot you see on the right in the window frame in the picture is a weep hole. It’s purpose is to drain accumulated water from the window track inside of the glass. Without the weep hole water from condensation would accumulate in the window track before draining off into the walls of ...

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Today Is RV Fire Drill Day

09.14.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

RV Fires;Now there’s a topic that we RV’ers never seem to find time to talk about. It’s estimated that every year there are approximately 2500 RV fires in North America.  As a result of these blazes about a dozen people lose their lives while another 50 or 60 are severely injured. So today, not tomorrow,  ...

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