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Cold Weather Camping

04.18.2012 · Posted in Cold weather camping, RV Travel


While a lot of the areas of North America are now enjoying warm spring-like weather, in our northern areas and at higher elevations it’s still cold.

A lot of modern recreation vehicles come equipped with “Artic Packs” which may include extra insulation, bigger furnaces, & enclosed and heated holding tanks. Some are available with thermal windows. But that doesn’t automatically make them warm.
Take our motor home for example: It is extemely well insulated with thermal windows. The entire coach, including the basement area is heated with the Aqua-Hot heating/water heater system that does a great job of providing a quiet even heat throughout the entire coach. But the one area of our RV where we lose a lot of heat is through that monstrous windshield. While the glass certainly is thick, it’s a windshield so it’s one single piece of glass. On a cold day we lose an enormous amount of heat through the front of our coach.
The fix is some sort of insulation that you can move in and out of the windshield area as the temperature changes. Our fix was, after measuring the windshield, a trip to Home Depot and a walk through the insulation aisle. We put a couple of pieces together with some duck tape. We call ours “Tinnie”. On a cool day we can feel Tinnie doing his job immediately. When he’s off duty (our goal is to make sure he is off duty as often as possible) he rests under our bed.
While we’re talking cold weather let’s discuss water hoses. If you are headed out where the weather will be cool you may want to bring your water hose into the warm during the cold. You can always take it back out, fill your tank, then bring it in again. The other possibility is to wrap your water hose in an electric heat tape. You may also want to make sure you bring your external water filter in too (don’t ask me how I know).
If you are going to be parked there for a while consider closing in the area between the RV and the ground. Once again, you will notice a big change in temperature.   Inspite of what the salesman said, no RV is designed for nasty cold weather but with a little fore-thought and preparation most RV’s will remain comfortable regardless of the weather.

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