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Correct Driver’s Licence For Your RV

08.27.2009 · Posted in Safety
Edsel Motorhome

Edsel Motorhome

Here in Ontario and everywhere else I bet,  there seems to be a huge debate as to the correct driver’s license for each class of Recreation Vehicle. It seems  everyone has a story these days of someone who ran into problems because they didn’t have the right documentation and most stories seem to end with somebody having their RV siezed and their life ruined forever.  I can’t tell you what the rules are where you live, the best I can offer is the Ontario regulations as an example and  then suggest that you check with the appropriate department of your State or Provincial Government to find out where you stand.

So we start here:  Ontario Ministry Of Transportation License Requirements

If you want, when you find out what you need, why not leave a comment and let us all know what works in your area.

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