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Correct Tire Pressure


There seems to be such huge confusion over something as simple as correct tire pressure. Whenever I’ve bought new tires for our coaches the tire guys have either set them all at 100 pounds because that’s what we are told to do or they have read the tires to find the most pressure the tires are rated to handle and set them there.
The correct tire pressure depends on a lot of factors including whether they are steers (fronts) or drives (rears), the actual weight on each axle and the tire manufacturers ratings.
OK so far, but how do I know what’s right for my coach?
Start by weighing your motor home. Most truck stops have scales and so do a lot of other businesses associated with the trucking industry. You want to know the actual weight on both the front and  rear axles.

While you’re there, if you can, get the weight for each wheel set, so right front, left front and then the same for the rears. That won’t help you set tire pressure but it will tell you how well-balanced your coach is. If you’re heavy on one side you might be able to balance it up by moving that fridge full of beer over to the other side.

So now you have the weight slip telling you exactly what your coach weighs. In your owner’s pouch or on the tire manufacturer’s website you will see the charts listing your tires  and their positioning. With your weight slip you can see where your tire manufacturer says your tires should be set on your specific motor home for exactly the correct tire pressure.

I put new tires on our coach last year (yes, it hurt!) and I insisted they set the front tires at 90  and the rears at 85 psi, exactly like the books said.  The result? Best Ride Ever!

While we have the numbers handy let’s compare the actual weights to the chassis manufacturer’s  axle ratings.  Are we OK? Do we have more than enough carrying capacity or are we overloaded on one axle? Or both? Can we remedy that problem? Maybe the big beer fridge has to go. Maybe you can keep the fridge but not the beer. I’m sure you can find someone to help with that job.

It’s amazing how your ride will improve when you have the correct tire pressure.

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