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Digital TV

09.29.2009 · Posted in Tips and Tricks

This summer we added Digital TV’s to our coach. First of all, it freed up a lot of formerly wasted storage space and  the new Digital Flat Screens certainly produce an amazingly better picture. We use both  Star Choice Satellite  and now with digital tvs, our Winegard TV antenna is back in fashion.  Today the final piece to the puzzle. I added Wingman to my Winegard TV Antenna.  The original Winegard antennas are tuned to improve the channels up to 13, this adapter improves channels 14 to 51.

The directions said it was easy to do and there were no tools required. It took less than five minutes to install the adapter, they were right, no tools. The difference on the tv’s is impressive. More channels, clearer.

If you have digital TV’s, you’ll find this a great addition to your current TV antenna.


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