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Easier To Navigate Mexico

01.22.2009 · Posted in RV Travel

We are currently in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and we certainly had more of our share of fun getting here. We are using Church’s Mexican Camping (wouldn’t cross th border without this one) and the 2009 edition of Guia Roji, the best Mexican highway atlas I’m aware of. A few days ago we heard about another aid that I’m sure will help as well. It’s called Rutas Punto a Punto or Routes Point to Point. This one is web based, kind of like Mapquest but gives you loads of information including the amount of the tolls as well as a general idea of where to expect the  Caseta De Cobro (Toll Booth). You can use it as a guide, just don’t ever believe the estimated time to do a trip. They are out by at least 100% in my view.

If you are thinking of Mexican travel, don’t leave without all three of these.

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