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Expandable Travel Trailer

03.03.2012 · Posted in Fuel Efficient Rvs, Travel Trailers

Imagine being able to “triple you room” in your small easy to town travel trailer? sounds like a heck of a concept right?

This week the British RV newsletter is telling the story of a French company building the   BeauEr 3X expanding caravan.

Now defunct National RV was the first manufactuer to come out with a slide in a slide but only got to use it for a year or so before they bit the dust. Monaco  bought the patent and you see it pop up (I guess that should be slide out) on some of their product. But this is the first I have ever seen of a slide in a slide in a slide. They say that copying is the sincerest from of flattery and the RV industry is the masters at stealing each other’s ideas. If this thing works, look forward to it on this side of the pond soon.

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