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Free RV Repair Advice You Can Count On

Having a problem with your RV? Can’t figure out quite where to start?

Short of paying a dealer $95 to $125 an hour to solve the problem, where can we turn?

Let me tell you my story: Last week we had an appointment to get some new boots put on our coach, so we were getting everything ready to go. The jacks were up, the slides were in and the services were all disconnected. We were ready to roll. Oops! The engine won’t start. Everything apeared to be working fine.  The batteries were good, all the dash lights and guages were showing everything was fine except there was no lights in the transmission touch pad and the starter would not engage.

Now it’s important for you to understand that I am not a technical wizard. The only tool that works for me every time would be my credit card. Even simple tools like pliers and  screw drivers are capable of drawing blood in my hands.

I cancelled my appointment and invited over a couple of buddies who are good at that kind of stuff  and we (they actually. I watched) checked all the wiring and fuses. No luck!

So now I know I need some real experts,. I went directly to the absolute best source of expert RV advice I’m aware of. That’s the thousands of daily visitors to the rv forums  RV.net/Forums  and  IRV2.com.

Within 4 hours  my post had been read by a couple of hundred experienced RVers and some provided answers in english so plain even I could understand. We followed their advice to the word, in fact I even helped and the bad fuse (yes, the one we missed) was exactly where they said it would be.

Do yourself a big favor; right now, while you are reading this and bookmark these two sites. I’m not sure when you will find them handy, but I know that some day you will.

4 Responses to “Free RV Repair Advice You Can Count On”

  1. 1st option is always at RV.net for us, saved us literally hundreds of dollars in the first few mos…

  2. I have a 1998 Skyline Nomad type TT camper. Recently purchased it used from a friend. I have completely repaired everything. New tires, new floors, redid the roof with liquid rubber. New water lines, serviced the AC. But I have one problem that is defeating me. Its the furnace for the water heater. I cut the gas on, switch the water heater switch on, and the furnace lights. But the problem is the flames are going up the side of the camper. Its as if a blower or something is not coming on. Extremely dangerous. I drained the lines for a while to make sure no methane gas buildup in the water heater. I cleaned everything out, (all lines). Should I just buy a completely new water heater to be safe, or in your professional opinion, do you think it would be safe to have a professional repair it?

  3. Hi Donald. When you talk propane you talking a dangerous flammable gas. I’d say its time for a professional. Just to be safe. Larry

  4. I have a 25ft Jayco, been having some power issues, camp off grid with generator. We run generator to power tv, and other stuff, but expect our batteries to power furnace at night. Just purchase a very good solar array, charge controller, two brand new 6 volt batteries. Went with 6 volt as supposed to give double the storage. Batteries with no load, everything that we can see shut off only have been lasting two hours? Took first set back to batteries plus, on second set and same thing? What are the odds that I got two sets of bad batteries ? It would seem at least when everything is off something is pulling a load? Checked the polarity on the solar, that is correct, checked Voltage, everything good. Seems odd, but 2nd set of batteries seems bad to? Please help, this was an expensive endeavor, and it should have paid off with good electrics…


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