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Fuel Efficient RV’s

Let’s see now, we’ll attach our house to our car, then we’ll be absolutely amazed by the drop in fuel efficiency. Obviously, if fuel economy is important; the smaller the house, the better the fuel efficiency.

Our first motorized RV was a 1979  Volkswagen Westfalia, the ultimate in fuel efficiency. It was the perfect RV for a young family. We would head out with our two kids and the dog, 2 bikes on the front, 2 bikes on the back and lot’s of gear up top and would enjoy our van called Hooter most weekends all summer long. Then off to the kid’s soccer games in the fall and tobaggoning and skating all winter. Did I mention picnics? Lot’s of picnics! It was truly the perfect recreation vehicle. In our case both the kids and the dog grew, we moved on but all these years have kept the fond memories of our “Hooter”.

Jump forward 25 or 30 years. Boy have vans changed. Flush toilets, showers, microwaves, flat screen tv’s, furnaces, airconditioners, generators, soft leather upholstery, all in one small neat luxurious package. Some are even available in four wheel drive and you can choose from gas or diesel. Compared to their bigger Motorhome brothers they offer great fuel economy, often more than twice the miles per gallon.

But there’s more to these Class B’s then just fuel. Just like Hooter, they are versatile, you can go shopping, get in and out of tight spots and pretty much park where you could park a car. My friends that often travel on ferries rave about their affordability! And they all use them as a second car.

So where do you find these, the most fuel efficient Recreation Vehicle? Strangely enough, most of the better know manufacturers are Canadian including Great West Vans, and  Leisure Vans. My inlaws enjoyed their Pleasureway Van for years and lots of dealers in both Canada and the US offer vans by  Roadtrek. Remember though, all these advantages come with a price. Most B’s start out as a van and are remodeled in to your future small home on wheels. and just like in home constuction, renovating is always more expensive than the original construction. Be prepared for the condition called Sticker Shock.  I think you’ll find though, when you talk to van owners the majority of  them feel the extra dollars they invested were well worth it. 

Why not drop down to your local RV Dealer and see for yourself? Then you can plan your own picnic.

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