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Fuel Efficient, Affordable British Motorhome

04.21.2012 · Posted in Class C Motorhomes, Fuel Efficient Rvs

Did I hear him say heated towel rack, followed by swivel toilet?
Today we look at a new model of a British built luxury motorhome, sold and enjoyed across the pond in England and Europe. By my numbers this rig will retail for roughly $80,000 so similar numbers we talk over here. Watch for lots of similarities to some north american rv’s and many unique differences.

To learn more about some European RV’s visit Practical Motorhome, a British RV magazine.

One Response to “Fuel Efficient, Affordable British Motorhome”

  1. Nice looking coach. Not sure they could get 80 grand for it in North America. I drove a 27ft Class C in South Africa. It was based on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. this rig had a cassette toilet. They are not fun to empty. It’s sort of like a tank buddy that gets stowed under the toilet, which flushes driectly into it. Can get quite messy.


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