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Full Time Question

03.28.2009 · Posted in Full Time RVing


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The question is “Can I full time in my RV in one park only” The answer I gave was “depends on the park”. I think that covers it pretty well. Some parks have a number of RV’ers that live there full time, others won’t even consider it. In some counties thats OK,  but in some jurisdictions that’s a No-No.

Lots of parks see the same RVers for the same season (seasons) every year, probably much more common. I’ve met a few couples this winter who bought an RV, had it delivered to a specific park and have never left. Others have travelled extensively and decided that they have one favorite park, and that’s where they want to be, period. Then there’s lot’s of folks out there, just like us who just never quite seem to get rid of the itch to travel. I would assume, in this economy, there are more folks just sitting longer. 

Why would you fulltime in one spot you ask? Some people, like us, enjoy living in our RV and really enjoy meeting other RV’ers. Unlike us, they want to stay in one place for a while.

I guess it’s whatever tickles your fancy.

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