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Gas or Diesel?

 Which is the right one for you? The easy answer is: Depends.

20 years ago, almost all new Motorhomes were gas, 10 years ago it was probably 50/50. Now  over 70% of new A’s are diesel. Why the shift? Mostly the coaches are bigger, heavier, have more slides and substantially more equipment. These days most everyone wants a satellite dish, washer/dryer, 3 or 4 slides, 4 door fridge, icemaker, vacuum cleaner and more. Hydronic heat systems, Internet satellite systems and dishwashers are now very popular. Corian counters, Porcelain tile floors and the finest harwoods are now the norm. The strongest of the gas chassises only carry 24,000 lbs and the GM 8.1l or Ford V10 engines are at their max.

Hence, the popularity of diesel. Now you can have it all,  you can carry 50 or 60,000 lbs and pull up to 15,000 more. There are lots of other advantages to diesel as well;  They ride on from 4 to 10 airbags, for a much softer ride. The engines are usually in the rear (Diesel Pusher) so it is very quiet in the driving area. Some diesel chassis manufacturers offer a “raised rail chassis” for dramatically more storage. Diesels usually come with an Exhaust or Jake Brake and therefore are much easier to control, and let’s not forget the Torque. Gas engines usually top out in the 400 or 500 ft lb range where as Diesels, depending on the engine  offer torque up to 1600 ft lbs. It’s torque that gets you up the mountain. And the Air Brakes that most of the diesels come with stop that heavy load when you need to.

So why would you buy Gas? Less money to purchase, less money to fill the tank are 2 biggies. If you aren’t planning on doing too much travelling, don’t need all the fancy goodies or just want to see how you like the lifestyle why not start with a good quality new or used gas coach.

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