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Great Aid to Boondockers

04.20.2012 · Posted in Boondocking

You like to boondock but you’re not finding that perfect place you’re looking for. If you just knew somebody in the area you could just go park in their driveway for a night or two but you don’t know anybody in this town. Or maybe you have some room on your lot for an extra RV from time to time and would enjoy meeting some new folks. Now there is a website that will help in either of those situations.

In their words “At Boondockers Welcome you can connect with other RVers who have a location for you to dry camp for the night; it might be in their driveway or a field on their farm. The view may be of amber waves of grain or of the McDonald’s parking lot… but it will be a free place to park where you don’t have to worry about idling truck engines, security, or that dreaded knock on the window at 2 am.”

We became members yesterday. I’m sure that not too  down the road we’ll be glad we did.

Check it out here


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