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Helen and Larry discuss the fulltime rv lifestyle

06.16.2014 · Posted in Full Time RVing, How We RV

I got a long email the other day from a lady named Helen. Her and her hubby were agonizing over when and if they were ever going to get to travel full time and were looking for some advice. Here is my reply to Helen and her man.


Hi Helen
Sorry it took me a while to get back to you.

When we do things we always just jump in with both feet and worry about the fallout later, so that’s how we left the sticks and bricks. But there’s lots of people out there living and travelling in their rigs who have never officially gone full time and maybe never will even though they travel and live in their RV all or most of the time.

When I’m at work, I talk to people every week whose dream it is to travel full time. Most of them are still dreaming and probably will be until ill health or worse ends the dreaming. Others, like us, just decide that’s what we are going to do and begin walking in that direction. Still others decide that they are going to travel a little more and “see where it goes”+

There are some folks in the park we summer in who I met back at Sicard RV in 2002. They had just sold their boat and were looking for an RV so they could travel a bit. We had just come back from a year on the road, so while we looked at RV’s together I told them our story. They thanked me for my time and promised that they would be back to me.
About a week later I spy them walking across the rv lot towards me and they had news. After our conversation they went home and talked about their future long into the night. The next morning they called a realtor and listed their house. The house had sold and they were ready to “hit the road”. So that was 12 years ago and they have no plans to move out of their coach anytime soon.

Let’s talk about the money a bit.
Some of our full timing friends have no concerns about the money. They’ve done well over the years and can go anywhere or do anything they want to do. Others are on a strict budget and need to squeeze every penny. Many have small “location independent” businesses they operate while they travel. Other’s, like me, work part time. We have friends who operate a retail kiosk every Christmas time every year (usually in a different location each year) for a candy company and other friends who work for Amazon in one of their warehouses for a few weeks over the Christmas shopping season. Others work camp or host in RV parks to cover some of the expenses.

Let’s talk about expenses
Most long term travellers see their expenses fall, especially once they get a year or two under their belt and they realize that one tourist trap is a lot like the next tourist trap. Their purpose is to extract money from you in return for entertainment. Most of the things you will remember for ever, for the most part, are free, including the people you meet, the conversations and natural wonders you enjoy that make you cry because you are so damn lucky to see them in your lifetime.

What kind of an RV do I need to full time in?
Some people can’t leave their home town without a new 2 million dollar Newell or $150,000 Mobile Suites. Others take the “beater trailer” they’ve been vacationing in for years and get going. In reality, in spite of the fact that I would like to see everyone out here in a new shiny coach they just bought from me, some people don’t need much. Besides, if everybody bought from me, I’d be too busy to travel and I’m not going to let that happen.

How long can I fulltime for?
For as little or as long as you want. I know folks who travelled for a year and had seen it all. I know others who have been out here for more than 20 years and still have lots to see.

Maybe we start by setting some goals, figuring what we have to do to achieve them and then doing it.

Do it soon though, this is just too much fun!
See you out here.

To learn more about the full time RV life drop in here.

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