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How Can I Full Time RV?

We’ve been full-time RVer’s for about 8 years now and when I’m at my part-time summer job selling RV’s I make a point of telling every one I meet about our lifestyle. Some turn their noses up in disgust, while many others are really interested in learning a lot more about how this all works for us.
I was introduced to an extensive blog post on full-timing published by David Henry on his blog Small Space, High Mileage and with his permission I pass it your way.

He begins by saying “For many Americans, living in an RV full-time is a bit of a dream. Rolling down the highway in your own home on wheels, checking out the sights and scenes of our country is one of those experiences on the bucket list of many Americans.
Is this freedom of time and location just a dream, or is it possible too?
You can read his complete article here

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