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How Do You Clean Your Weber Grill?

03.12.2012 · Posted in Product Review, RV Accessories

It’s probably the unofficial grill of Rvers everywhere. Walk through any RV park in North America and count the different brands of barbeque grilles and the  Weber Q  series usually wins by about 3 to 1 over any other brand. Everybody loves them, nobody is sad they bought one.
We’ve had ours for more almost a year now and the only thing I can’t figure out why I didn’t buy a Weber in the first place instead of screwing around with other comparable priced brands.

I’ve always had a problem getting the cooking grate clean until yesterday. We were out walking the RV park yesterday morning and stopped to talk to a fellow whose grill was smoking away. I asked him what was for breakfast, he replied that he was cleaning his grill.
Here is his secret is: he fires up his grill, turns it on high, puts two layers of aluminum foil on the cooking grate, closes the lid and lets it roar for about 30 minutes.

When I got home I tried his method. It works great. Just follow that up with a bit of easy scraping, brush off the cooking grate and it’s job done.
Now I just need to come up with an easy way of cleaning the inside of the lid. How do you clean yours?
While we are talking Weber; I get the distinct impression that the regulators on the Weber 100 series is their weak point. In my owners manual Weber suggests that you use the small 1 pound bottles as the source of liquid propane. I know of probably 6 people who’s regulators have failed after they have been using the big road tank on their motor home as their fuel source. In all cases Weber has told them not to use the big tank, that it voids their warranty. In most, but not all of the cases that I am aware of, Weber has then replaced the regulator under warranty anyway.
What’s been your experience? What’s your favorite grill?

2 Responses to “How Do You Clean Your Weber Grill?”

  1. glen tooke says:

    can we get a large orphus for the Q 100

  2. Hi Glen I was on the Weber parts website and they suggest that for parts like that you call them at 1-800-446-1071.


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