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Internet Access On The Road

05.25.2008 · Posted in Computers & Stuff, Internet, RV Travel, Webpages

There are 2 things every RVer seems to have these days. At least 1 pet and at least one lap top. They never leave home with out either. Most RV Parks offer wifi as do a lot of truck stops. It’s getting easier and easier to find a signal. The problem and we all seem to have it  is getting a signal that’s strong enough to use. Enter Radio Labs. They offer a selection of Wifi Antennas to improve the available signals. We are currently rigging up our new coach so we will be comfy when we move in to full time. One of the improvements we made that I am really happy with is the Wifi Antenna  . On our trial run this weekend I booted up our laptop and searched for a wifi signal. I found nothing. When I plugged the antenna cable into a usb port, presto, 5 bars. Just like I was right next to a router.  I’d like to say thanks to  John and Angela for putting me on to this one.

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