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Jayco Precept Equals Affordable Family Class A

Precept 29UM

Precept 29UM

Last fall Jayco RV introduced a new line of quality, well equipped, affordable Class A motor homes called Precept.

They first rolled out their 32′ 31Ul model and Sicard’s received their first in time for their fall sale. As I do with anything new and motorized I crawled all over it, under it and through it, opening and closing all the doors and drawers and at first glance I thought it all looked pretty good. A quick study of the standard features explains why there’s not a long option list simply because there’s not much left to add. It’s pretty much all standard equipment.

IMAG3248 For their new A’s they included their new “JRide”, a feature that really improves the ride and handling on every motor home they use it on, so naturally a test drive had me smiling. For a shorter (I drive a 40′) affordable gas class A it handles extremely well.

The other day I saw my first of their family model, the 29UM. In my mind another example of what manufacturers can do with an affordable but well equipped Class A when they really want to.
You too can catch up with a new Jayco Precept here
I should mention that I’ve sold a few of the Precepts and my Precept customers are all “happy campers”

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been in the RV biz since the late 70’s and have always had a lot of respect for the many different products Jayco builds. Did I mention that like all Jayco product, the Precept comes with a two year warranty?

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