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LED Lights In My RV

05.07.2012 · Posted in Product Review, RV Accessories

I first attempted to begin the conversion to LED lighting in our coach almost two years ago when I spent about $50 on LED lights at an RV store in Canada just before we left for another winter in Mexico. I bought the lights because I was taken by the headline on the packaging that proclaimed the lights would last for over 40,000 hours. During the next couple of months, when ever I had some time, I installed the lights in the kitchen and bathroom areas of our coach. They looked cool, in fact LED lights are cool, they don’t give off the heat of regular incandescent bulbs. However by the time we got back to Canada in the spring  every last one of the 40,000 hour LED lights had burned out or fallen apart. I took them back to the dealer for warranty.

Not so fast he says: they last for 40,000 hours but they only come with a 30 day warranty. We got that one sorted out!
I believe I now have close to $300 invested in LED lighting (they come with a 3 year warranty) in our 40′ Bus and am about half way through the conversion from the older much more affordable RV bulbs.  When you start shelling out $25 to $40 per bulb it doesn’t take long for the totals to add up. I have done most of the lights that we use daily and would love to complete the conversion but I am once again at the point where I’m waiting for the prices to come down to a more reasonable level before I continue.

LED replacements for fluorescents

Some of my RV buddies have finished the conversion in their much smaller, fewer light bulb RV’s but they boondock a lot more than we do so it makes more sense. Others never boondock but have done all the lights in their big rigs simply because they could. At this point I lack both the dollars and the resolve to have close to $1,000 invested in spiffy new LED Lighting in our coach, although I admit, they do look cool and I am often tempted.
Which explains why I eagerly read the post on LED lights on RV Boondocking News this morning, especially the part about cutting out the middleman by buying the lights on E-Bay direct from China. It all sounded great until I remembered my 40,000 hour bulbs that came with a 30 day warranty.

A good idea? Maybe, Maybe Not. Maybe I wait for a deal that comes with the warranty

One Response to “LED Lights In My RV”

  1. Spent 46 bucks for 18 ea. 48 LED lights on Ebay from China… enough to install in every light fixture in my 30ft TT with a few left over. At $2.50 a piece, I can stand to have some of the more commonly used lights to burn out (as not all are turned on on a regular basis) and still come out ahead while away from shore lines.


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