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Luxury Coaches We Can Only Dream About


I’ve visited a lot of Motorhome manufacturers over the years and have certainly been impressed with my visits to companies like Winnebago and Entegra but the one that completely blew me away was an afternoon we spent in the Newell factory in Miami Oklahoma in 2010.

Newell builds in and around the price range of two million dollars or so and unlike their competition who are bus convertors (they start with a bus from a bus manufacturer like Prevost), Newell builds these luxury coaches from the ground up. In over 35 years in the RV biz, I’ve driven some fine RV’s but while an American Heritage or the new Anthem or Cornerstone by Entegra come close, nothing I’ve ever driven can beat the ride and handling of a Newell. Nothing can beat the attention to detail, or the quality of a Newell. Each coach is custom handcrafted so if you see one you like, but want yours 6″ shorter with a bigger bathroom and larger TV’s in your colors, they’ll build it. If you can dream it, and afford it, they’re your manufacturer.

These are the coaches the really deep pocket folks buy and the wannabe’s like me dream of.
Here’s your chance to dream a little yourself.

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  1. your link doesn’t work well…..can’t move page down to see all of it.
    same the the inner links.

  2. Hi Dianne. I’m looking at it on my tablet and they work for me today. I agree their links are hard to find up there in the top. I’ll see if I can fix that. Thanks


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