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Money Making Opportunity For Full Time RVer?

The one constant complaint of every RVer in every park in North America is the lack of quality and timely RV service. Every week I hear stories of people waiting weeks or even months to get an RV service issue looked after, only to find out that even after the long wait it still wasnt fixed properly.
So if you are a bit of the handy type and you love to fix things you may want to check out the Recreation Vehicle Service Academy.

Imagine travelling North America full time in your RV. You can travel north in the summer, south in the winter, go east or west and in minutes after you pull in to any RV park for a few days or a few weeks, have people knocking on your door asking for your services.

Too good to be true you say? I don’t think so. I think this could be the perfect solution to help finance a life of freedom and travel as you go where you want, when you want, throughout the USA and Canada. Go sit in an RV park for a few days; Watch people flock around a vehicle with the words RV Service on the side. In most parks they are busier than the Ice Cream truck.

I’m not reccomending this school, I personally know nothing about them, but I am convinced my thought is 100% workable. Even if you never had to go looking for RV service again for your own rig I’m thinking it would be 10 weeks well spent.

I don’t even want anything in return for my idea, except maybe when the AmazingVanstones  pull in to your park maybe you can fix a couple of things for me.


One Response to “Money Making Opportunity For Full Time RVer?”

  1. Combine that service with a waterless wash/wax option topped off by dog sitting/walking, an you have a full fledged career in an RV park.


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