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Motorcycles and Motorhomes: Your Two Loves?

05.25.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories, RV Travel, Tips and Tricks

Motorcycle lift

Motorcycle lift

“OK, we’re set up in the RV park, now let’s get out and ride.”
There are lots of RVers out there who enjoy both their loves, but what’s the best way to easily take that big bike of yours on your next Motorhome adventure?
Some tow a pickup truck with their bike in the truck box.
Some put their cycle on a trailer that they tow behind their coach.
Some put their bike and their toad on a tandem dolly that they tow.
Some put their bike on a motorcycle lift like Hydra-Lift and tow their toad.

What’s the easiest and the best you ask? Our cycles are more commonly known as bicycles so I don’t know, but most of the Motorhome/Motorcycle owners I meet in our travels, who have the coach that will handle all that extra weight on the back of their coach prefer the motorcycle lift solution.
The disadvantage here is that not every motorhome can handle that amount of extra weight. In fact you’ll probably need a diesel pusher to do the job right.
OK Larry, that’s all well and good but I have a big fifth wheel. How can I take my bike?
There are several light trailers out there that you can attach to your fifth (have your trailer’s chassis checked by an expert first).

Next time we meet we talk about 7,000 classy 40 year old motor homes

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