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Motorized or Towable What’s Best For Me?

05.03.2008 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

Oh Boy, here we go. Sit down a few trailer owners with a few motorhome  owners and this conversation will go for hours. Let’s try to make it simple.

The motorhome shines when you are on the road. The view sitting up there in a Class A is to die for. The trailer or 5th wheel shines when you are parked. Some people move from a home base to a park, then move back so a towable is probably better suited. We like to explore and move pretty regularily, we love our motorhome. The motorhome is easier to use, no difficult hooking up and unhooking. I am terrified by the thought of a big trailer behind  me and backing the whole rig up. Score another for the motorhome. On that same thought I know that given some practise I could learn to be comfortable handling the trailer. Some buy a motorhome so they don’t have to tow anything. Soon though they add a dinghy so they can get around easier when they reach their destination. It’s not uncommon to see a dinghy behind a Class B. If you already have a good towing vehicle maybe a towable is the place to start. Remember, you’ll never know what works for you til you get something and get enjoying it all. I help people choose the right RV for them everyday, that’s my job. I really think that the first few RV’s should be used or as we in the business like to say “preowned”. Once you know exactly what works for you, then move on to new if you wish. Why do I say that? Think Depreciation. Remember, there is no right or wrong. It’s what ever feels best for you.

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