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New or Used?

What’s your best buy? New or Used?  If you always buy new or you always buy used, this conversation is over already. If you are on the fence, read on. Lets start by looking at motorhomes. New motorhomes today have numerous slides, full body paint, flat screen TV’s and the latest of Electronics. The tail pipe exhaust from new diesel engines is often cleaner than the air we are breathing. Today’s motorhomes have very complex systems, especially the higher end units and new coaches definetly have a “break in period” of a few months or more when you’re going to get to know the service people at your dealership pretty well.  

I always tell my clients purchasing a new motorhome that for the first few trips, it’s pen and paper at the ready; write down all those issues, big and small.

 If I was in the market for a new motorhome and was planning on heading out soon after purchase on a long trip, I would either hurry up the purchasing process or delay the trip. I would make sure that I could take my new beauty on 2 or 3 good “Shake Down” trips, note the problems and get it back to my dealer for repair. Then with fingers crossed I would enjoy our trip and show off my new motorhome with pride to all who want to see it. And there will be lots that do.

On the other hand, ir you were to purchase a well looked after, carefully inspected slightly used coach you  could not only save some money, you might just miss those frustrating first few months. The coach will probably be not quite as fancy and will be missing a few of the latest goodies, but still a coach you can be proud of.

Next we’ll look at the dollars and cents side New or Used.


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