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Newell Coach – When Only The Finest Will Do

I admit I’ve been in the RV biz a long time and I also admit to being a bit of a snob when it comes to nice motorhomes. I like quality,  power, great handling, and comfort. Lots of comfort. But in any RV I’m looking at for me I also need to include the word affordable. So when I head out to see what’s new in quality coaches I focus on manufacturers like American Coach, Monaco, Newmar, Tiffin and maybe even Winnebago.

You see, in my world, a “nice” new coach sells for a few hundred thousand dollars, and a good pre-owned one is a lot less, so that’s where I focus.

Usually I don’t even look at what you can buy when you add an extra zero to the budget but when Newell anounces that the designers from Porsche  have have made some major changes on the 2013’s I just have to take a look. First of all, what could  possibly make  in an RV that sells for millions? Although I’ve only ever driven one, the mid 2000’s Newell coach that I drove is without question the finest motor vehicle of any kind that I have ever driven. I guess I’m not in the position to judge because I haven’t driven many fine cars but that Newell was away past Impressive. Because of the steering trailing axle, the 43 footer that I drove had a smaller turning radius then most much smaller A’s. And ride and handling are only the beginning.
While those of us not prepared to invest a couple of million or more in our RV enjoy our99.8% of the RV’s manufatured  have a 12 volt water pump to supply water to our faucets when we are not in a park,  in a Newell for example, they  use a 110 volt pump, with a 12 volt pump for back up, just in case. The whole coach is like that: for every system, there is a back up, just in case.

It’s like there is never any compromise. You don’t need to open and close the doors manually, you just press a button and air pressure does if for you. We visited the factory in Miami Oklahoma in 2010 and were certainly impressed with how they were built.

A Warning before you click on the link to the Newell factory site: Perpare to be dazzled!

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