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Not All RV’s Are Built In RV Factories

03.13.2012 · Posted in RV's in the news

On three or four ocasions on our travels thoughout North America we have met people who have taken a vehicle built for a completely different purpose and  converted them to their very own Recreation Vehicle. I’m not talking about your bus or van conversions here, I mean unique conversions.

What follows are two stories  of people who have done exactly that.


The first tale is about a German couple who bought a six wheel drive army truck and converted it to their perfect RV .

We once met an Austrian couple just outside of Baccalar (South east Mexico, just north of the Belize border) who also did their own conversion on a 6 x 6 army vehicle. They had just spent two years covering the South American continent and were preparing to see North America. We met the folks and toured their creation in the second story in an RV Park in Abbeville Louisiana

The second story starts with this vehicle:

You can catch that story here.


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